The Baker Mayfield Arrest Video Is Everything You Could Hope For In An Athlete Arrest Video


Citing the original arrest story, Yahoo notes that according to the police report, police encountered Mayfield at approximately 2:30 a.m. after someone reported an assault. Mayfield said he tried to break up the altercation and was asked to stay to give a statement. He started screaming “profanities” per the statement and did not stay.


Nothing says your career is trending upwards like going from Heisman finalist to getting gang tackled by a group of police officers. There will never be anything more entertaining than videos of athletes and celebrities getting arrested. Behind the swarms of managers, agents, stylists, publicists, etc., they are exactly the same as us. Just a bunch of people who drank too much, ready to take on any challenger in their path. Fortunately, when it involves police we get rare gems like this.


Credit to the officer who stuck that tackle. He used all three tackling tips they teach you as a kid: Drive the legs forward, wrap him up low, and utilize the nearest concrete wall for extra damage. Let this be a lesson to all the young players out there, use your fundamentals and one day you may too make a Heisman candidate cry


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