It Finally Happened, A Protestor Was Run Over While Trying To Block A Road At UCSD


Someone really should have told this girl that the middle of an interstate at 1:30am is not a designated university safe space. 2016 has been a weird year, and perhaps most weird is that out of all the protests that tried to take over major city roads, full of 4,000+ lbs. vehicles, none of these pathetic so, so brave protestors  had been hit by one yet. Alas, today is a new day. It’s a day of hope, a day of moral salvation, and a day of redemption for drivers who are already sick of having been on the road for way too long on that particular day. If you look closely you can actually see the moment she realizes that her liberal arts degree can not save her from the freight train that is barrelling towards her at 70mph.




One day she’ll look back at this moment, and she’ll be able to tell her kids about the day she bravely marched on the rough streets of beautiful San Diego to protest the abysmal injustices of a fair, democratic election against a President who said mean things about some people. She is the hero we need, but one that we don’t deserve, so I call upon all the special snowflakes out there to raise your pumpkin spice lattes in unison and salute this stunning and brave girl for her sacrifice. Godspeed mystery woman, godspeed.


Stay tuned for these protestors to pivot their efforts towards protesting roads that don’t have warning signs reading, “Cars drive on this road and they are fast”.


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