If You Couldn’t Make It To the Cubs Victory Parade, Enjoy This Taiwanese Animated Reenactment Of The Cubs Winning Instead



I just want to start by saying, if I could watch all my news in the form of Vietnamese animations I most definitely would, without even a second thought. ESPN is out there spending millions of dollars on content that’s more suitable for TMZ than it is for a sports channel, all while losing 400,000 subscribers per month, and they’re getting outclassed by some news station halfway around the world that uses animations to tell the news. 2016 is a crazy time ladies and gentlemen.

The video animation itself is nothing Pixar would be jealous of, but the story being told is Oscar-worthy. It took that already instant classic game 7 and turned the volume up to 11. It had everything a viewer could dream of, and even some things we didn’t even know we wanted.

Like Addison Russell turning into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and subsequently dismembering Cleveland Indians players with a goat.

Or the dig they took at Golden State for also blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals…

And don’t forget about Bill Murray and LeBron giggling in the stands  just before Murray celebrates a LeBron headshot

Last but not least, what is probably the most accurate depiction of the post-game celebration as you’ll ever see. Bill Murray celebrating his ass off with the Cubs while LeBron lets the tears flow like stale beer at a frat party.

Congratulations again to the Chicago Cubs on a historic and certainly unforgettable season. Now please just win it again so I can get a Part 2 of this Vietnamese animation after next year’s World Series.


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