Two Absolute Legends from Australia Pretend To Be Pro Golfers, Play In The North Korean Golf Open


Leave it to the Australians to pull off something as batshit insane as this. It takes balls of steel to even want to enter North Korea, and these guys decided they’d pull a fast one on the entire Hermit Kingdom solely because they were already in Beijing. Amazing stuff. Entire families are sent to their death for things like praising the Supreme Leader incorrectly, and without even a second thought they infiltrated a North Korean golf tournament because, “…they said, ‘you are the Australian team?’ And we sort of didn’t say no, so we thought we better go along with this.” Someone from North Korea asking me to voluntarily enter their country is the EXACT reason to not go along with it.


At least the story had a happy ending. Not only did they leave with zero days spent in a North Korean prison camp, they also avoided getting last place, and that’s the real victory here. Suck on that Nepalese Ambassador’s 15 year old daughter.

Just two friends living the American Australian dream.


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