Redskins PR Guy Interrupts Dustin Hopkins Interview with German Media After Missed Game-Winning Field Goal

Someone get this guy a job with the Secret Service.  If you didn’t watch this Redskins/Bengals game, it took place in London on Sunday morning and ended as the NFL’s 2nd tie-game of the season. The NFL has been hosting these games in London since 2007, so you’d think they’re used to some European reporters not fully understanding the game yet and having weird post-game questions. Unfortunately for German Andrew Garfield here, the Redskins have a PR team that’s more suited for Secret Service duty. The reporter comes from a country where their number one sport is based around kicking a ball for 90 minutes, so it makes perfect sense that the poor guy would want some insight on what went wrong with that game-winning field goal attempt. While the reporter probably went home confused as hell, it’s a bit poetic that the game in London ended in a tie, a result that US sports fans always point out is the main flaw of the game of soccer.


Can we also just take note of the German TV host rocking the ginger beard + Fabio long blonde hair combo in their studio?

That is a man who has not a care in the world.







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