Chicago-Area Woman Nancy Riddle Files “Emergency Petition For World Series Tickets” To Steal Cubs Tickets From Her Ex-Husband

(Source) – Court documents obtained by The Associated Press from Cook County Circuit Court on Friday say a woman this week submitted an “Emergency Petition For World Series Tickets” to see Game 4 on Saturday against the Cleveland Indians.

A judge’s order says the tickets for Saturday are held by Nancy Riddle’s estranged husband and fellow Cubs fan John Riddle. Judge Marya Nega ruled after in-court arguments that the husband can keep the tickets for himself and the couple’s 12-year-old son but should pay for a new ticket for Nancy Riddle in a “comparable” section to his. The cheapest available tickets start at around $3,000.

This is a move straight out of Mr. Burns from The Simpsons playbook. It’s no surprise that Cubs tickets are the hottest item on the market right now, with ‘Standing Room Only’ tickets going for $1500 at the absolute cheapest. A lot of divorces get messy, but it’s pretty clear that Johnny Boy was going to take his son to probably some of the most exciting baseball games of his life right. Right on cue, money hungry ex-wife enters the mix and tries to crush everyone’s dreams just because Cubs tickets are finally worth a pretty penny.


Props to the guy who played the long game with those TEN 'Standing Room Only' tickets.

Props to the guy who played the long game with those TEN ‘Standing Room Only’ tickets.


The fact that the judge even sided with this crazy person is even more baffling. It’s simple, ask her in court to name 5 Cubs players, and when she can’t to that you yell “case closed”, bang the gavel, and everyone goes home. Instead, the husband is now forced to shell out about $2000-3000 for an extra ticket, when he probably paid about $100-200 per ticket maximum for the tickets at face value from his season ticket package. I’m no fancy lawyer, but by trying to steal one of the two tickets from the husband, the ex-wife is losing the complete value of the ticket since she’d be getting that portion of the money in the divorce settlement anyways. Before anyone goes and says, “Well that’s just sexist to assume the husband was the bread winner in the family”, it should be noted that it’s not an assumption. While John Boy is out making cake as a managing director of an investment banking firm, Nancy over here is working hard as a… fashion blogger. We can only hope that they manage to get her the worst seat available between two heavily obese gentlemen.

Any comments from you Kanye?


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