Guy Gets Outsmarted Like A Chump During A Scramble For A Foul Ball


At first, I genuinely wasn’t sure who I considered the victor here, but after a few more views I have to give the win to the beer man. For starters, ballpark beers are running at least $8-10 these days, and that’s just the price for those of us peasants whose wallets have to settle for Bud Light/Budweiser. Secondly, we get to look right into the eyes of Mr. Plaid Shirt as the look of defeat washes over him and his adversary takes that first sweet sip of victory. He may have won the foul ball battle, but Crocodile Hunter hat guy had won the war.


In the end though, Mr. Plaid Shirt lost his $10 brew, Crocodile Hunter ended up getting kicked out minutes later for entering the field of play, and the Oakland A’s are under .500 and almost certainly not a team battling for playoff contention. In the grand scheme of things it sounds like all of Oakland A’s fans lost here. At least they have the Golden State Warriors.


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