Warning to the Eastern Conference: The Lightning are BACK

via Fox Sports


Lock it in everyone, with a win last night against the Chicago Blackhawks (who were on a 12 game win streak) the Tampa Bay Lightning are officially a threat in the NHL again. For the last two months it’s looked like the Lightning were on collision course with a non-playoff record, a place where players and fans alike would’ve never imagined the team would be following last year’s Stanley Cup Finals appearance against the Blackhawks. Since January 2nd however, the Lightning have won 8 of their last 9 games, including a run of 7 in a row.



There’s been injuries, and there’s also been the whole Jonathan Drouin situation which has just been a fucking mess (godspeed to whichever team takes him off our hands), but no fan likes giving his buddies excuses as to why their team is at the bottom of the standings. The Lightning are back from the grave though and on a much needed hot streak going into the All-Star break. There’s probably no catching the Washington Capitals at this point, but if the Lightning can win these last two games before All-Star week there’s no doubt in my mind that they finish 2nd in the conference and make a run at the Eastern Conference finals no problem.


The boys are back in town. Image via Yahoo


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