Did This Slovakian Chef Get Caught Cutting the FATTEST Line of Cocaine on Live TV?


This might be the most ‘deer in the headlights’ moment of all time. If you know anyone that works in a restaurant, you’ve probably heard stories that the wait staff and chefs like to party hard, and Chef Yayo over here is clearly no exception. You don’t have to be a cocaine expert to know that that is a fat line for any one human to do all at once, especially while on live television. Some people will say, “Maybe it’s not cocaine” or, “You can’t know for sure that that’s coke”, and you’re sort of correct. I can’t prove 100% that it’s pure Colombian nose candy without having a little sniff for myself, but until someone can tell me show me any time in history when a chef used a rolled up €500 note (about $540 USD) as a cooking utensil, you will be wrong.


The chef in his natural environment


Okay, in reality this was probably just a prank, but I can dream. As long my meal still comes out of the kitchen tasty as fuck, the cook could be doing whippets Guy Fieri for all I care.


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