Best Seat in the House / Girls

Best Seat In The House: Sydney Leroux

There’s no better feeling than walking into a sporting event and letting everyone know who the real big dick player is when you sit down in the best seat in the house. For those of us who can’t afford the pleasures of the finer seats in life (after having our hearts and bank accounts ripped away from us on Alabama (-7) last night), I bring you a new ‘best seat in the house’, where people from the nosebleeds, the box suites, the seats with obstructed views, and even those with sideline passes, can come together around one common goal… seeing the best asses that womankind has to offer. So sit back, pop a non-$8 stadium beer from your fridge, and enjoy the view.


If you aren’t aware of Sydney Leroux, she’s teammates with goddess extraordinaire Alex Morgan on the US Women’s National Team, and while she’s not yet as great on the field as Alex Morgan, you definitely want her in the starting lineup, for reasons…




Reasons 1-3 seem to check out


Bonus pic: Sydney Leroux (right) featuring Alex Morgan (left)


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