The Minnesota Vikings Lost in Classic Vikings Playoff Fashion Last Night

In what was overall a miserable game which saw both teams barely scrape past 400 combined yards of offense, the Vikings ended their 2015-16 playoff run in embarrassing (yet all too common to Vikings fans) fashion. Neither the teams nor the fans go into the game expecting much in terms of offensive firepower, and with the weather at an unbearable, ball-freezing -6°F at game time it was pretty set in stone that a low score was a lock.

Through three quarters the Vikings got the first three scoring drives of the game, all field goals by Walsh from 22, 43, and 47 yards respectively). The 4th quarter was much kinder to the Seahawks who went on a sneaky little 80 yard drive and put 7 on the board through a Russell Wilson toss to Doug Baldwin in the end zone, followed by a field goal just 3 minutes later to take the lead 10-9. The final 8 minutes run down, and cue Blair Walsh for the late game heroics fuck up.

Laces OUT Jeff! Everyone’s sweating like grease monkeys out there and you can’t even give the only player who’s scored points for your team a decent hold with the laces out? That’s cold-blooded Jeff.

This certainly isn’t as painful for Vikings fans as Gary Anderson missing the game winning kick in the 1998 NFC Championship game after not missing a field goal all year, but this one will definitely sting.






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