Apartment Fire News Interviews Are Quickly Becoming The Best Thing On TV

Some people like watching TV for the special effects, some like watching for the cheesy commercials, and some just like watching so they can talk nonstop while you’re trying to catch up on Fargo, until you become so angry you start to wish Vontaze Burfict would come barreling through your wall and put them to sleep. Alas, out with the old trends and in with the new ones, and one gem that’s trending faster than Bill Cosby rape accusers is news interviews that follow shortly after an apartment fire breaks out.

I don’t know where they find these people, but apartment fires are absolutely stacked with talent when it comes to their interviews. In terms of news interview talent, the list goes: apartment fires, then animal trainer interviews with animals that clearly want no part of the action, athen sketchy looking people buying Powerball tickets (some say grey hoodie guy is still out there, searching for his cocaine and hookers).

If this video doesn’t become the go-to video for fire safety in schools I’ll be deeply disappointed. We have a moral obligation to teach kids that if there’s a fire they need to BOUNCE OUT. Uh-UH, we ain’t gon’ be in no fire. Not today.


(Oh, and no one got hurt, I guess that was cool too.)


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