Kobe Bryant Brutalized in NBA Jam Game Spoof

[via Cauldron]

The NBA season is still young, but Kobe Bryant is missing shots like it’s his damn job this year. Through the 1st two weeks of the season Kobe is shooting a career low 32% from the field and has the leagues’ 148th best PER as the Lakers got off to an abysmal 0-4 start.

I’ve been saying Kobe needed to either retire or be cut since the ’13-14 injury, so kudos to Sports Illustrated for being the first big publication to publicy shame the Black Mamba on his poor performance. We get it Lakers fans, he’s Kobe; he brought you championships, happiness, courtside celebrities, and whatever else you still brag about to your non-Laker fans, but the past is the past. If you combined the Lakers wins from the last two seasons they’d still barely have even qualified as the 8th seed in the West in last year’s playoffs, and that’s far from acceptable when you’re a franchise like the LA Lakers. It’s about time to grab the family gun, put your collective Lakers arms around Kobe’s shoulder, and lead him out into the pasture to be put down permanently. You’ll all walk back towards the Staples Center and your sadness will become joy as you gossip like teen girls about who the team will spend the newly freed up $25 million in cap space on.

Lakers fans, I’ll leave you with this throwback gem of Kobe laughing off ESPN ranking him 40th best in the league last year (a ranking that fell even further to 93rd for this season).



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