BREAKING: South Carolina Head Coach Steve Spurrier Is Resigns, Effective Immediately


(Source) South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier told his players and coaches Monday night that he is retiring immediately, sources told, and the plan is for somebody else to coach the team the rest of the season.

An interim coach will be named Wednesday, sources said.


After a paltry 2-4 start to the season, South Carolina Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier is going to hang up the headset for good and be forced to resign retire. The Gamecocks currently sit in dead last in the SEC East (even behind the normal SEC East punching bag Vanderbilt) and are 0-4 in conference play so far.

There’s no doubt that Spurrier is one of the better college coaches to grace the game with 2 National Championship appearances (1-1 record), 6 SEC Championships, and over 225 wins making him the 13th winningest coach in D1 history, but it was also becoming clear that Spurrier’s age was catching up to him.

“Retirement’s going to be great. I’ll never have to wear a shirt again.” – Steve Spurrier right now, probably


Earlier this year Spurrier pointed out on his own Twitter account something that many had been thinking themselves, that Marcus Lattimore was more of a contributing factor to South Carolina’s success than the aging Spurrier himself.

It’s not to say that Lattimore’s domination on the field was 100% responsible for the Gamecocks success, but that is a hell of a turnaround from the pre-Marcus era to his time with the team. South Carolina did finish go on to finish their first season without Lattimore with an  11-2 record, but they quickly were brought back down to Earth with a 7-6 finish last year and a cringe-worthy 2-4 start to the 2015 season that includes only wins against UNC and the winless UCF Knights.

Forcing coaches out mid-season isn’t exactly the most subtle way to restructure a football program, but sometimes it’s better to just cut the head off the gamecock chicken and move on, or maybe South Carolina is just really getting tired of having to buy Spurrier new visors…


“Fuck this hat!”

“Fuck this hat too!”

“AND FUCK THIS H…. nevermind this one’s comfortable.”



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