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Woman Tells ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ That She Cheated On Her Boyfriend With Tampa Bay Lightning Player Tyler Johnson


There’s a few layers to this story, but let’s start with the obvious, the fact that this girl’s most impressive accomplishment is cheating on a boyfriend. The question they’re asking everyone to answer is, ‘What’s the most impressive thing you’ve ever done?’. It’s a perfect question to ask because unless someone cured cancer or coached the Jags to a Super Bowl victory, they’re going to have to think hard about what they’ve done that’s actually impressive, and once they realize they’re taking too long they’re going to settle on whatever mediocre event just came to mind. Not Becky though, she instantly knew that her most impressive feat in life was cheating on her old boyfriend with Tampa Bay Lightning star Tyler Johnson, or so she thinks (more on that later).

“The second most impressive thing I’ve done is probably the time I took the perfect selfie on the 1st try.” – Over-sized sunglasses girl, probably


Now for Becky here, I guess landing a professional athlete is an accomplishment considering she looks like a 7/10 in LA standards, but for Tyler Johnson it’s just another Wednesday night and another point scored.


29 goals, 43 assists, 1 Becky


Where the situation gets weird though is with Tyler Johnson’s response to the alleged incident.




Well shit, that’s just unfortunate news for everyone involved. It means one less notch on Tyler’s belt, it means Becky never slept with a professional athlete, it means her ex-boyfriend isn’t eskimo brothers with an NHL player, but most importantly it means that some guy is running around impersonating Tyler Johnson and convincing Becky’s all over the country that he’s a top player in the NHL which is both hilarious and creepy.


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