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The ASU Alpha Chi Sorority Girls Taking Selfies At The Diamondbacks Game Might Be the Funniest Broadcast Moment of the Year


Baseball is known for its slow play, and even though the MLB is trying to make moves to speed the game up we still end up with gems like this video of the girls of Arizona State University’s Alpha Chi Omega sorority taking about 500 selfies in the span of one at-bat.

This might be hands down the best clip of baseball broadcasters making fun of fans between pitches. There’s been some good ones in the past (Notably, Dan Orsillo laughing hysterically at a guy who had a pizza thrown at him for interfering with a ball) but this one is so ridiculous and the girls are just so oblivious that it takes the cake for me. We’ve got double churro sisters in the top left making sure they get both of their Mexican delicacies into frame, Kelly (probably) in the black shirt destroying Candy Crush, the two blondes front and center sending a Snapchat story to everyone to remind them that they’re “twinssssssss” as they show off the 5th foot-long wiener that they’ve shared this week (I regret nothing about that joke, nothing.), Becky (probably) on the right eating her waffle cone while casually downplaying the fact that she’s the hottest smoke in the sorority, and Bernice at the bottom realizing that she doesn’t know how to spell the word ‘baseball’. I wonder if they’re done taking selfies yet…


Nope, not even close, but Becky’s still looking like the smoke master general down there in the bottom right. The Diamondbacks came back to win the game 3-1 over the Rockies and I think it’s a safe bet that not one of these girls knew and/or cared.


Seriously though, somebody call the smoke patrol.



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