Crazy ‘Madden 16’ Fumble Lasts For Over 9 Minutes

Nine grueling minutes of a fumble during what was clearly a high scoring shootout for the ages between the Panthers and the Cardinals. Glitches are a part of the game that we all have to deal with (it’s practically a rite of passage for one of your players to fly through the air or have his legs disappear mid-play), but holy shit EA, even the Buccaneers would’ve been able to recover this fumble in about 3 minutes. This is one of those situations where at some point you just stop getting angry and start laughing out of sheer hysteria because you’ve run out of controllers to throw. To make matters even worse, the ball was clearly getting tired of the bullshit and made a move for the sidelines in an effort to get knocked out of bounds until #54 on the Panthers decided he hadn’t had enough yet and ran around the ball to push it back in play.

“Yes. Yesss. YES. No, wait NO. FUCK!!!”

But wait, it gets worse…

#54 on the Panthers is SUPPOSED to be 2015 draft pick Shaq Thompson out of UCLA, but unfortunately for this unlucky player the game’s AI decided the Panthers were looking to sign a guy who’s better suited to star in an episode of Catfish. Just an absolutely brutal turn of events for the guy playing. An overrated LB who sat there and lied to our faces about having a fake girlfriend for a full season, even after the internet straight up told him that they could prove she didn’t exist, decides to his reign of terror isn’t over and fought for dear life to keep that fumble in bounds. Well you know what, fuck you Manti Te’o, the sports world never forgets.



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