Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Use Virtual Reality Video Games to Train Players, Seemingly Ensuring an 0-16 Season

(Source)When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers invested in a virtual reality system to help train their players including rookie quarterback Jameis Winston, it made a lot of sense.

This generation was raised on interactive games. They learned in a different way than just sitting around and reading a textbook, then reciting it. Then they went home and played “Madden.” So virtual reality is the logical next step in the teaching methods for NFL quarterbacks.

Besides, it looks pretty cool… The software allows players to see the Xs and Os of the play drawn out, then the play is simulated for them as they’d see it. The Dallas Cowboys have also embraced virtual reality training. 

Image via Wired

There’s definitely, absolutely, no possible world in which this could go wrong. Let’s hit the showers and call it a day boys, because it’s pretty clear that we’re Super Bowl bound now. Watching the Bucs organization is like watching a modern day live feed of ‘The Three Stooges’, but not in a good way, in a way where the funny parts are replaced with headaches and disappointment. When the idea is being justified with the words “Besides, it looks pretty cool” you know you’re traveling full steam ahead into a shitstorm of a bad idea.

I understand everyone wants to be a trailblazer for new innovations like this, but how can anyone with experience in the organization think this is a good idea? Sure it’s less wear and tear on the QB’s, but realistically this virtual reality game only mimics training camp drills, which aren’t going to put much wear and tear on the quarterback’s body anyways. Then of course there’s the issue of 300 pound linemen breathing down your neck trying to take your head off. What level is that on this game? 5? 10? Boss level?

Jameis doesn’t stand a chance against Raiden

There’s only one week left until the Bucs regular season opener against the Titans, so let’s hope Jameis is at least on Lvl. 10 of this Madden knock-off so we don’t have to watch him get sacked a million times this season.

“Wait, this level wasn’t in the game…”


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