Cameraman on Segway Takes Down Usain Bolt in Beijing (VIDEO)

via Reuters

(Source)Usain Bolt was knocked down by a cameraman in Beijing on Thursday night, shortly after winning a race.

Bolt was celebrating his win in the 200m sprint at the World Athletics Championships when the cameraman lost control of his motorised scooter as it rolled over a post and crashed into the runner’s legs.

The Jamaican did a backward roll and got back on his feet – he briefly rubbed his ankle before continuing to celebrate with fans.


What a world we live in. The fastest man on the planet goes out and dominates the rest of the world on the track and then immediately gets run over by a fat Asian on a Segway who probably couldn’t run the 100m dash without his heart exploding into a million pieces of Ramen noodles. Whatever happened to walking, ya know, with our feet? Instead we almost had to watch one of the greatest athletes on the Earth get mowed down by the grown up version of the kid from Up.

Disclaimer: There’s about a 0.0002% chance that machines are finally evolving minds of their own and that Segway knew it had a chance to take out one of our best athletes. To that I say, better luck next time Mr. Segway.

Humans – 1, Machines – 0 (for now…)

From boy scout to Segway assassin


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