Florida News Anchor Loses His Shit When the Kardashians are Discussed

(Source) – FOX 35 news anchor John Brown was “having a good Friday” up until the moment Kim Kardashian and her clan came up in conversation, spurring a brief on-air meltdown. The Good Day Orlando co-host left his couch when the latest newsworthy-ish item from Caitlyn Jenner‘s camp was brought up during a “Hot in Hollywood” segment. Before anyone else could react, he erupted into a short rant on the subject

Seriously good for him, this is what a true hero looks like. The guy’s just saying what we’re all thinking, except no one else wanted to say it out of fear that Kanye West would pop up out of nowhere and berate you with sentences that don’t make sense until you break down and cry and buy his over-priced shitty shoes. Simply put, the Kardashians are a train wreck run by a sociopathic mom manager who is trying to get the 15 minutes of fame she never had as a child vicariously through her meriocre-at-best looking children. Why the world is obsessed with this family, we’ll probably never know. Thankfully, Kim’s ass can only mesmerize the fuccbois of the world for so long before it starts to sag into oblivion and they get released from their spell like this news anchor. After that, we just have to sit and wait as the last two demon spawn of the family spiral into irrelevancy.

Be gone demon creature!!!

Hey Kanye, watch out for those street signs bud, they come out of nowhere.


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