Philadelphia Eagles Fans Start an Online Petition to Have the Pope Bless Sam Bradford’s Knees

(Source)The Pope is coming to Philadelphia this September, and Philadelphia Eagles fans are already scheming about how his arrival could benefit the team they love.

A group of Eagles fans have started a petition on to have Pope Francis make a special stop on his trip to the City of Brotherly Love. Eagles fans hope that they can get enough support for the Pope to personally bless quarterback Sam Bradford’s knee.

The petition already has over [6,000] signatures and counting. Fans are leaving personalized messages that they hope the Pope might read.

The city that pelted a 19 year old kid dressed as Santa Claus in the past now wants the Pope to come bless their injury prone quarterback. Yea, that’s not happening. Not just because the Pope has better things to do, and not just because petitions have absolutely zero influence (seriously, why are people even making them anymore?), but because Philadelphia is just full of shitty fans. No really, look it up. Philadelphia has the worst fan base in the NFL (although down here in Tampa I can tell you from personal experience that Boston is a very close 2nd). Sure the Pope is supposed to be the nice guy, healing people by day, ghost riding the Popemobile by night, but we all know that deep down he dislikes people just like the rest of us.

A part of me hopes that he does show up and use some of that Pope voodoo magic on Bradford, but the bad kind. The kind of magic that will force Eagles fans hang their heads in shame as Tim Tebow takes over the starting role due to a tragic Sam Bradford/Matt Barkley snowball fight accident. Unfortunately that scenario can’t play out because the Pope has to keep his miracle performing street cred up, but a man can dream. Now somebody get this man a pizza while he heals teams that actually matter.

“This shit better be pepperoni.” – Pope Francis, probably


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