In Completely Un-Surprising News, Arian Foster Will Miss The First Half Of The NFL Season

arian foster

(Source)Foster is reportedly slated to undergo groin surgery on Friday, reports. (Wed Aug 5). Per the report, Foster – who suffered a groin injury during Monday’s practice – is in line to undergo the procedure in Philadelphia on Friday. Meanwhile, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle suggests that the running back is expected to be placed on short-term IR, in which case he’d miss Houston’s first eight games this season, at a minimum. Current in-house options to fill in for Foster while he is out are top backup Alfred Blue, along with Jonathan Grimes, Chris Polk and Kenny Hilliard. Moreover, it’s likely that the team will sign or trade for added running back depth in the coming days.

Foster ranked sixth in the NFL last season with 1,246 rushing yards even though injuries caused him to miss three games entirely and parts of three others.

No…No. NO! I thought what we had was special Arian. You, Demarco Murray, myself… all grinding it out every Sunday to crush any opponent in our path. Granted you guys were doing it on the field, and me from poorly organized fantasy football league, but my heart was right there on the field with you.

On a serious note though, hate to see a work horse like Foster get sidelined again. Half the league can’t even produce a 1,000 yard rusher anymore and Foster goes out and does it in only 12 games worth of playing time. As a football fan this news sucks, but for any Texans fans out there I’d think that any shred of hope of winning more than 5 games this year just disappeared quicker than the PSI in a New England Patriots football. Honestly, who are the Texans left with? Their preseason is going play host to their quarterback “competition” (I’m use that word very loosely), their WR1 slot went Andre Johnson to… Cecil Shorts III, and the names looking to fill the gap Foster will be leaving are Alfred Blue, Jonathan Grimes, Chris Polk, Kenny Hillard, and the possible addition of an aging Pierre Thomas. Godspeed Texans, godspeed.


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