Drake Clowned Meek Mill At OVO Fest Last Night with Memes Galore

(Source) – …following Meek’s accusation that Drake employed the services of ghostwriters for his raps, including his guest verse on the Meek track “R.I.C.O.,” the Canadian emcee released a pair of diss tracks aimed at Meek, including “Charged Up” and the more venomous “Back to Back,” the latter of which containing the quotable line, “Is that a world tour, or your girl’s tour?” as well as “You getting’ bodied by a singin’ nigga.” The #BackToBack began trending shortly thereafter, with Drizzy’s legion of Twitter acolytes posting memes mocking Meek.

So, during his performance of “Back to Back” at OVO Fest, an annual music festival curated by Drake himself, the rapper projected many of those same memes behind him, including ones claiming that Iggy Azalea was Meek’s ghostwriter, a Simpsons twist of Meek writing on the chalkboard “I Will Never Ever Disrespect the 6 God,” and one offering Meek Mill a “participation award” for cooking up “Wanna Know,” among others.

If I’m being honest, I don’t really know who Meek Mill is, or any tracks that he’s ever put out which, I guess speaks volumes as to how much of an impression he’s making in the music world. If I’m being more honest, Drake isn’t all that great of a rapper. He’s had a handful of good songs over the years, but for the amount of time he’s been around and the amount of recognition the guy gets, he’s not all that impressive. Add in the fact that for the last few years everyone and their mothers has bashed the guy for being so sensitive, shared endless pics of him tearing up, and started a series of memes regarding how soft he is, and you’ve got yourself a melting pot of laughable mediocrity.

Once you’re in this position, it’s almost impossible to gain back everyone’s respect, but last night Drake may have pulled it off when he showed no mercy to Meek Mill (who is even more mediocre than Drake, but apparently doesn’t cry as much I guess). It’s one thing to write 3 diss songs about someone when they try to call you out, if someone puts you on blast, whatever happens next is fair game. Drake decided to take it to whole other level last night though, wearing a “Free Meek Mill” t-shirt, and laying down a whole Powerpoint worth of Meek Mill diss memes while he performed his 3 diss songs on stage. Now, none of this means that I’ll start buying Drake’s records or try to figure out who the hell Meek Mill is, but I do appreciate Drake’s contribution to the “celebrity beef” world. Let’s hope this brings even more creativity for future celebrity/athlete beefs.

(Note: the actual track isn’t all that powerful, but live, his diss track “Back to Back” sounds like it goes pretty damn hard)

It’s a bit hard to see the carnage going on in the background, so found a few shots used in the slideshow. (Also, quick shoutout to Whataburger for their tweet. Love seeing a big business not be afraid to get in on the action). RIP Meek Mill.

But just remember Drake, the world never forgets….


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