I’m 100% Convinced This Tampa Bay Lightning Fan In An Astronaut Suit Was Responsible For The Game 3 Win

The Tampa Bay Lightning own the Montreal Canadiens this season, that’s a fact. 5-0-0 in the season and 2-0-0 in the Eastern Conference semi’s going into last night. Game 3 was the first game where the Lightning looked second best on the ice, but an unlikely hero came to the rescue: A dancing astronaut.

There’s no way you can recover from this if you’re Carey Price. None. I’m no expert on Canadian space travel, but I’d wager that Canada doesn’t have one, which is why this is the perfect troll. Canadians aren’t known for space travel or dancing, and yet right in front of Carey Price’s face is a fan doing a drunk interpretation of the chicken dance.

Game tied 1-1, less than a minute left in the 3rd period, and you know Carey Price can’t stop thinking about why one of NASA’s finest is dancing near their bench. Cue the Hollywood ending.

If the dancing astronaut is back in the Amalie Arena tonight for Game 4 then this could turn into the easiest 4-game sweep in hockey history.


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