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Delusional Sports Fans of the Week: Cavaliers Fans

I can’t think of a more appropriate way to kick off this segment. No matter where you go hometown fans are going to be loyal to their team, no matter how bad their season went. They’ll hit you with the typical “We just had a bad year”, “We would’ve done better if it wasn’t for injuries”, or “We were just unlucky this year”. Yea we get it, we’ve heard ’em all. Cleveland fans however have made these words so commonplace that they no longer have any meaning there. Cavs fans particularly have slipped into some sort of delusional dream world that would make Inception seem like your typical lazy Sunday.

poll coaching opp

Three coaching jobs recently opened up in the NBA, two of which are at famed organizations, the third being in Cleveland. Today’s poll asked what the nation thought was the best opening, and Cleveland didn’t miss a beat in acknowledging that it’s them, although the rest of the nation, and the world, would disagree.

Why take a coaching job at one of two of the most prolific teams in the league when you can coach a team who last had a winning record, outside of the Lebron-era, in the ’97-’98 season? Oh what’s that, you want a team that’ll assure you get a solid core of players for you to coach? Well look no further, because at the Cavs your owner will lock down only the finest draft picks in the land (the Cavs would be NOWHERE if it wasn’t for Anthony Bennett’s all-star-like 4.2 points per game this past season). Even if Lebron returns, coaching him is hardly a good time. Eric Spoelstra got absolutely abused by Lebron as Miami’s “coach” and LBJ’s ego is only getting worse. Expect whoever takes the Cavs coaching job to get walked out onto the court on a leash by Lebron each game.

I think now seems like a good enough time as any to go ahead and sit the whole city down for one giant intervention before this city crumbles under it’s own delusion.




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