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Shit Has Officially Hit the Fan In Brazil


Bloomberg – Brazilian soccer is investigating another act of fan violence less than 40 days before the start of the World Cup that left a man dead after he was hit by a toilet bowl hurled by rival supporters.

Authorities say the next two matches at the Estadio do Arruda in Recife will be played without supporters, and fans of Santa Cruz are banned from all stadiums until the individual responsible for the death of 26-year-old Paulo Ricardo Gomes da Silva is identified. Silva was struck outside the stadium after fans ripped up toilet bowls and threw them from the top deck following a match between Santa Cruz and Parana on May 2.



People use the word ‘literally’ pretty loosely these days, but at a soccer game in Brazil a fan LITERALLY was hit with a shit covered toilet just less than 35 days before the World Cup. Violence at South American soccer games is pretty common, but taking a toilet to the face is probably the shittiest way to go out (sorry but toilet deaths are rare, I deserved one pun).


Team USA is probably especially psyched about the enthusiasm of the local fans since they’ll be playing their third group stage game just a few miles from where this toilet toss occurred. Hopefully the assailant at least washed his hands afterwards, otherwise this was just rude.




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