Dog Tried Its Best to End Softball Game, Fans Were Praying It Worked

(Source) – A fan’s pit bull ran onto the field during Game 1 of a doubleheader Sunday and proceeded to be the cutest college prospect in history, playfully stealing gloves from two different players and generally being a hilarious nuisance for about one minute in the [second] inning. The atmosphere in the crowd at college softball events can be picnic-like, sort of casual, and the dog apparently got through an open gate… The dog’s owner eventually helped retrieve him.


It’s lazy Sunday, time to watch some real sports. Like this powerhouse Division II college softball game between Western Oregon and Simon Fraser University. 8-0 into the 2nd inning of game 1 of a doubleheader and this dog had had enough of their shit.


Nothing justifies full-ride scholarships better than getting bested by a house pet. Cheers to Title IX.




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