Tony Romo Just Can’t Do Anything Right


By ESPN’s standards, a mix-up like this shouldn’t happen, but to be fair, the first person that comes to mind when discussing poor performance is usually Tony Romo. He just has that kind of face…and those kind of stats. How Romo’s job has never been on the line before is just baffling to me. In the 118 games Romo has played, he’s been responsible for 162 turnovers. I mean, the guy practically gets off on giving the ball to the other team, and I get the feeling that this is how him and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones feel every time Cowboys fans want management to get a new quarterback.


In regards to the actual situation at hand, Frank Vogel’s job is more than likely safe, regardless of how this year’s playoffs turn out. In his 3 full seasons so far as the Pacers’ coach he’s put up a .650 win percentage in the regular season and a .563 win percentage in the playoffs. Oh, and Larry Bird has his back, that helps too.


Bird has not addressed the media since the playoffs began. But he told local ABC affiliate WRTV-6 in an interview shortly before the end of the regular season that “I back Frank 100 percent.” – ESPN




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