Josh McRoberts Lets the Hair Flow, Drops an Elbow into Lebron’s Throat


It’s almost certain that the Bobcats season will be over in two games, and anyone who’s ever played a sport seriously knows that sitting at home not being able to play sucks. To try and combat the offseason boredom Josh McRoberts decided to start a highlight reel for any NFL teams that may be in search of a hard hitting defensive animal for training camp. The play happened with less than a minute to go in the game with the Heat up by 3, and McRoberts’ hair flow was just enough to distract the refs on the court to only pick up a personal foul. The Heat would g on to win the game, and unfortunately for McBob the NBA reviewed the play and wasn’t as easily wooed by his long locks. $20,000 fine, flagrant-2 for McRoberts, and an 0-2 defecit for the Bobcats. Hope to see you in the NFL draft Joshy.





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