Jermaine O’Neal and Doc Rivers Chat It Up Mid Clippers/Warriors Game

Last night’s game between the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors was far from being a down-to-the-wire thriller. In fact, a 19-point lead with only a few minutes left in the 1st half was just enough of a gap for Doc Rivers to have a nice chat with Jermaine ‘Baby Face’ O’Neal about life.




Clearly the posh LA scene has turned Doc Rivers into a softie. Just last season he was coaching one of the dirtiest bigs in the game in Kevin Garnett, and now he’s getting upset about a little bump-and-grind in a 1st round game. We can’t know exactly what was said between the two to draw the double technicals, but we do have a few leads from our non-existent research department:

  • Doc asked O’Neal how his Easter was, then proceeded to ask if his Easter basket had any 19-point comebacks in it
  • O’Neal asked if there were any good tapas places in the area for a post-game meal. Obviously Doc wasn’t gonna give up his secret spot
  • Coach Rivers inquired about what moisturizer O’Neal uses to keep that baby face so silky smooth
  •  O’Neal asked Rivers what he thought about Game of Thrones killing off Joffrey so early, easily upsetting Doc since he’s still 3 episodes behind on his TiVo
  • A discussion regarding the US and European Union’s handling of Russia’s hostile takeover of Crimea and whether the continued aggression/Cold War nostalgia of Putin would lead to an attempt to seize any more ex-Soviet territories.


Your guess is as good as mine, but I’m leaning towards Jermaine O’Neal’s attempt to get the name of a good tapas restaurant. When 90% of your city lists themselves as ‘foodies’ on their Twitter ‘About Me’ section, it’s a safe bet that the referees wanted no part in giving up the goods. You can now sleep peacefully tonight knowing your tapas are safe for at least one more week LA.




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